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Advisory board

PRESERVE Advisory Board

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What is an Advisory Board?

The advisory board is a group of appointed external experts, with the role of giving objective advices and complement the consortium's industrial and technical insights in relevant fields.

More specifically, they will review selected documentation and provide assessment on different aspects of the research on food packaging and its recycling in relation to several frameworks such as the market enablers/driving factors, market demand insights, identification of customer segments and value propositions pertinent for the customer segments recognized.

How has the PRESERVE advisory board been selected?

Experts from all over Europe answered to the open call for experts organized by the PRESERVE management team. The call was addressed to experts developing professional activities related with the food packaging industry, at any point of the value chain: from the raw material obtention up to the end-of-life product, passing by its processing and commercialization. Finally, the management team chose the most suitable and committed profiles, based on internal evaluations.

How will the PRESERVE advisory board be involved?

Every 6 months, the PRESERVE advisory board will receive a summary with the main advances and future challenges of the project. The advisory board will review it according to the expertise of each member and they will suggest recommendations or point out necessary implementations for the development of the project.

This exchange of views will take place regularly mainly via email exchange, videoconference, Q&A sessions and via face-to-face meetings when convenient.

This exchange of views will take place regularly mainly via email exchange, videoconference, Q&A sessions; but also via face-to-face meetings when convenient.

Who are the members of the PRESERVE advisory board?

The PRESERVE Advisory Board is composed of 5 members:

Nora Alonso, DnA Advisory Services;
Martin Buchwitz, Packaging Valley;
Barbara Chaplain, Cimpress;
Iria Saenz-Diez, Bridgestone;
Marc Vetterli, Dr. Sc. ETH Zürich, Mechanical and Process Engineering.


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