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Upcoming event - Bioplastic Recycling: Challenges, Gaps, and Future Opportunities
Discover the incredible potential and opportunities around bioplastic recycling at our upcoming even on 25 June 2024!
Save the date - PRESERVE training - Biodegradation: one concept, many environments
Normec OWS, in collaboration with European Bioplastics, is organizing a training on biodegradation. Register now.
PRESERVE second review meeting
A second review meeting has been held for the PRESERVE project. Read more.
Have your say! Answer our survey on sustainable packaging
Our partner ASU is studying consumer perception related to sustainable packaging.
Upcoming event - Safe and Sustainable by Design Framework: SSbD implementation in PRESERVE
ITENE is hosting the first PRESERVE 2024 training on SSbD to be held on 30 April 2024. Register now!
PRESERVE M36 meeting unveils breakthroughs in biobased packaging recycling technology
Dive into the highlights of the recent M36 meeting of the PRESERVE project held in Ghent, Belgium.
PRESERVE hosted the event "The future of bio-based packaging. Co-designing a roadmap to 2030"
Read the outcomes of the PRESERVE event held in Berlin on 11 December 2023.
Empowering European Citizens on Plastic Recycling and Upcycling: the case of upPE-T
Our related project upPE-T has launched a platform for citizens engagement. Discover more.
SAVE THE DATE - PRESERVE Workshop - The future of bio-based packaging. Co-designing a roadmap to 2030

The Crowdhelix team together with the PRESERVE consortium are pleased to announce the dates for the next PRES

Solving the problem of microplastics through evolving recycling technology

The EU-Funded projects GreenLAND and upPE-T have invited PRESERVE and UPLIFT to their online event "Solving the probl

8 EU-Packaging regulations to keep an eye on
Food packaging needs to comply with many strict requirements at the EU level. European Bioplastics has summarised all the legislation and upcoming revisions to be observed to have packaging on the market. Read more.
MIX-UP and PRESERVE: sharing expertise to upcycle food packaging
PRESERVE has been invited by MIX-UP to collaborate on their upcoming event and Guest lecture.
PRESERVE team in Florence for the month 30 meeting
The month 30 meeting was held in Florence, Italy, on 4 and 5 july 2023. Read more.
PRESERVE newsletter - May 2023

The PRESERVE project has many interesting news to share with its stakeholders. 

Event - Bio-based coatings and food contact materials: PRESERVE’s research and regulatory insights
The PRESERVE consortium is hosting its first event on preliminary results. Join us!
Event - Upcycling strategies for the production of sustainable (bio)plastics
The funded projects REWIND, upPE-T and PRESERVE are hosting an event to showcase sustainable material production for bioplastics. Read more here.
Food contact materials: what are they and how do they affect the PRESERVE project
Any food packaging needs strict requirements to comply with EU regulations on food contact materials, but what are they and how can they affect the development of new materials? Discover it in our article.
PRESERVE consortium meets for the periodical meeting
To wrap up the first two years of the project, PRESERVE partners met in Paterna, Valencia, Spain. Discover the main outcomes of the meeting.
PRESERVE and Glaukos collaborate to align EU projects with EU policies
This past November, the EU-Funded project Glaukos started collaborating with other EU funded projects, included PRESERVE, to give valuable contributions to EU policies. Read more.
PRESERVE Newsletter - December 2022
Check the second issue of the PRESERVE newsletter. 
EU adopts new rules on recycled plastic in food packaging
A new regulation on recycled plastic food contact materials (FCMs) has been officially adopted by the European Commission on 10 October 2022. Discover the details of the regulation here.
"E-beam treatment for packaging materials", a PRESERVE workshop
Last 30 June 2022, PRESERVE partners NTT and ASU held a workshop on E-Beam treatment. Discover the details here.
PRESERVE partners meet for the first time face-to-face
After 18 months of working together, PRESERVE partners met for the first time in Barcelona, Spain. Discover the main outcomes of the meeting.
PRESERVE Newsletter - June 2022
The first issue of the PRESERVE newsletter is out. Check it out!
PRESERVE, UPLIFT, and upPE-T successfully present their work towards standardization
PRESERVE, UPLIFT, and upPE-T held the joint workshop "Standardization in plastics and in circular economy" to present their initiatives and presented each project’s work toward standardization. Read more here.
UPLIFT, upPE-T and PRESERVE to hold a joint online workshop on Standardisation in Plastics and Circular Economy
The three sibling projects will host a joint workshop on 27 April 2022. Discover more in this press release.
New processes to develop biodegradable barriers for food packaging
In this article we describe some of the advances in protein based and PHA coatings from our partners ASU, Fraunhofer IVV, AIMPLAS and CENTEXBEL. Read it to discover more.
International Women's day 2022

There has never been any doubt about the te

Open call for External Advisory Board members
We are searching for professionals to become members of PRESERVE Project External Advisory Board. Read the news to know more.
EU initiates update of rules on recycled plastic in food packaging
In December 2021, the European Commission presented a draft act to update EU regulations on recycled plastic food contact materials (FCMs). Read the main points of the new draft regulation.
PRESERVE general assembly meets as project enters its second year
As PRESERVE reached project month 12, consortium partners gathered online to discuss the targets and activitiesfor the next six months.
PRESERVE presented at the 16th EUBP conference
At the 16th annual European Bioplastics (EUBP) Conference, which took place from 30 November to 1 December in Berlin, industry experts discussed the role of bioplastics within the European Green Deal. PRESERVE was presented by ASU and EUBP.
"PRESERVE shows that we can replace replace fossil-based packaging" - Interview with Kristina Eißenberger, technical coordinator
To know more about PRESERVE and the team behind it, we are going to interview some representatives from the project. We are now publishing an interview with Dr. Kristina Eißenberger, scientific and technical manager of PRESERVE.
The importance of clustering for innovations and the transition to a circular bioeconomy
On 20 October 2021, the EU projects PRESERVE, UPLIFT, and upPE-T held a joint workshop with around 160 participants to introduce their initiatives on upcycling bioplastics.
“PRESERVE is an opportunity to solve a real problem” – Interview with Aldo R. Reyes, project coordinator
To know more about PRESERVE and the team behind it, we are going to interview some representatives from the project. Within this series, we are going to start with Dr. Aldo Ramirez Reyes, PhD in chemistry, catalysis and materials and project coordinator of PRESERVE.
UPLIFT, upPE-T and PRESERVE to hold a joint online workshop on upcycling bio-plastic of food & drink packaging
The three sibling projects will host a joint workshop on 20 October 2021. Discover more in this press release.
PRESERVE joins the European Bioeconomy Network
In July 2021, PRESERVE became an official member of the European Bioeconomy Network (EUBioNet).
Partners come together for the first General Assembly
PRESERVE has reached the milestone of 6 months of activity and the partners reunited to take stock of the situation.
PRESERVE joins forces with UPLIFT and upPE-T
The three siblings projects funded under Horizon 2020 topic CE-BIOTEC-09-2020 met for the first time to define a clustering strategy. The first joint action will be a workshop in October 2021.
Everything deserves a better chance
What do we want to preserve and why everything deserves a better chance? Discover more in this article.
PRESERVE is here!
We started the Preserve project with a virtual kick off meeting where we presented the project and how it will impact the future of bioplastics industry.


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