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In order to evaluate the progress of the activities, the European Commission asks the funded projects to prepare periodical reports on the activities performed. These reports are called "Deliverables". Those documents can be confidential or public and need to be approved by the European Commission in order to be considered valid and accurate.

In the spirit of disseminating what we do in PRESERVE, we are making available the executive summaries of the deliverables approved by the European Commission. It is also possible to download the full text of public deliverables.

PRESERVE is structured in nine different Work Packages, a group of similar tasks needed to advance in the project activities. Each one of the work packages includes a series of tasks and deliverables which are implemented by specific project partners according to their knowledge and skills.

Discover more about our work carried out in each Work Package and the Deliverables completed so far.

WP1 and WP9 focus respectively on Ethics and Management, therefore their content will remain confidential. 

Work Package 2: Definition of specifications for the up-cycled bio-based packaging

Work Package 2, led by EUBP, provides a review of the state of the art in bio-based packaging fundamentals and recent advances, as well as the specifications for each of the materials and processes needed to achieve the PRESERVE solutions proposed by the project for bio-based food contact materials, recycled bio-based packaging and other recovered polymers applications.

Lead partner: EUBP

Work Package 3: Development of bio-based coatings and adhesives for tailoring packaging properties and EoL

Work Package 3, led by AIMPLAS, aims to develop, process and optimise bio-based protein and water barrier PHA coatings, and bio-based adhesives. Additionally, surface treatments are performed to reduce microplastics and to improve mechanical and barrier properties with e-Beam treatment. Multilayer structures are also developed and characterised for tailoring packaging properties and End of Life (EoL).

Lead partner: AIMPLAS

Work Package 4: Upcycling of core materials and blends

Work Package 4, led by Centexbel (CTB), is dedicated to the upcycling of core materials and blends to improve the material properties by using enzymes, radiation treatment and/or by applying microfibrillar and self-reinforced structures.

Lead partner: Centexbel

Work Package 7: Safety, Environmental and Economic Sustainability assessments

Work Package 7, led by NTT, will assess the environmental life cycle (LCA), the Life Cycle Cost (LCC), the social life cycle (Social LCA) and the circularity of the developed materials and final packaging products through their value chain, to ultimately support the implementation of eco-design principles and the design of the PRESERVE solutions. In Work package 7, a Decision Support System (DSS) app will also be developed to help select the materials and End of Life/secondary applications. Moreover, all health and safety regulatory requirements for the PRESERVE demonstrators will be identified and assessed.

Lead partner: NTT

Work Package 8: Value chain roadmap and innovation impact

Work Package 8 “Value chain roadmap and innovation impact”, led by KNEIA, ensures that the findings and results of the project are widely communicated to the scientific community and the general public, and disseminated to all the relevant stakeholders. A key component of this work package is also the establishment of an initial circular value chain to facilitate the implementation of PRESERVE solutions. There are several partners involved in the development of the activities of WP8: ASU for studies regarding consumer perception, EUBP for dissemination activities, policy, standardisation, CHX for the multi-stakeholder platform and clustering activities.

Lead partner: KNEIA


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