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Graphic on microplastics origin
Key messages

D3.5 provides detailed information on the results regarding textiles microplastics detection, characterization, release impact over the environment and its avoidance through bio-based finish coatings.

Executive summary

The textile industry plays an important role in economic development in terms of employment and export earnings. Presently, more than 150 countries are involved in the worldwide textile industry by supplying textile goods across the world. Unfortunately, this industrial development has had some unintended effects.

To remain competitive in the market over the past decade and to capture the market share, industries are focusing more on customer requirements, environmental issues and efficient supply chains. During product purchasing, the customers are also aware of and loyal to environmental issues as well as sustainability and its goals. There is an increasing awareness of the healthiness and environmental impacts of the textile industry. New practical tools, techniques and products are needed to assess and reduce the exposure of people and nature to harmful chemical subproducts as well as microplastics. Microplastics are a recent issue of concern. They are a new topic of research and are not included in typical life cycle analysis. Microplastics are shed from synthetic textiles throughout their life cycles: from fibre and fabric manufacturing, through use and washing to their final disposal.

One way to avoid or reduce this issue is through legislation, but legislation must go hand in hand with progress in detection techniques and release control research and development to make it possible. This work package studied the textile's microplastics detection, characterization, release impact on the environment and its avoidance through bio-based finish coatings. Detailed information is collected in D3.5. where biobased finish coatings have been selected for recycled PET and PLA nonwovens.

This is a confidential deliverable, as such the full deliverable is not available to the public.


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