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Electrons all over? – Is low energy electron radiation a powerful tool to further enhance barrier coating performance? Changes in barrier and mechanical properties of polymer substrates coated with different barrier coatings summarised in one report.

Executive summary

The PRESERVE project focuses on developing alternatives to conventional packaging concepts in terms of sustainability and circularity. The application of innovative processing technologies to enhance the properties of existing bio-based materials for different packaging applications is an important part in these developments. Moreover, to make sure the new packaging solutions to be developed are fit for a truly biobased, circular economy, new end-of-life options, including innovative upcycling solutions, will be used. 

This deliverable D3.6 describes the specifications of electron radiation treatment on selected coated and grafted material. Electron radiation treatment is a technology that allows the modification of polymers by energy transfer resulting in changes in the molecular weight distribution. The extent of these changes depends on the induction of chain scission and crosslinking. These reactions may occur in parallel with one of them being more dominant. The dominant reaction further depends on the molecular structure of the irradiated material and will be mainly responsible for the subsequent changes in mechanical, optical and barrier properties. The effects of high energy electron radiation on certain neat polymer substrates, such as PE, PET  and PP, are well described in literature. The reported findings suggested the use of low energy electron radiation suitable for the modification of bio-based barrier coatings due to a lower penetration depth of the radiation compared to high energy electron radiation.

The confidential report provides detailed information on the results of said electron radiation treatment on the mechanical and barrier properties of selected coated polymer films that are used within the PRESERVE project to develop new packaging solutions.


This is a confidential deliverable, as such the full deliverable is not available to the public. 


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