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The PRESERVE Communication Plan is a living document that provides a general framework for the entire project lifetime. It outlines the communication objectives, the target audiences, the messages, the timing of the plan, and the methods to be implemented to achieve the said objectives. It is regularly updated.

Executive summary

Deliverable 8.2 corresponds to the Communication Plan for the PRESERVE project, which is implemented throughout the 48 months of the project duration. It begins by clarifying the difference between “communication” and “dissemination”, highlighting their interdependence and complementarity.

After setting the basis of the communication plan by defining the communication objectives, the document focuses on the definition of the target audience, the messages, the timing of the plan, and the methods.

Throughout the different phases of PRESERVE, the project shares tailored messages through identified key channels, such as the project website, social media (Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube) and public events. The communication efforts focus on engaging with the different external project stakeholders identified: business and manufacturing companies, decision-makers and funders, the research community, and society.

The project is also keen on collaborating with other related projects in order to maximise the impact of the activities carried out. Close collaboration with the sibling projects UPLIFT and upPE-T, as well as with other projects such as GLAUKOS, BIO-PLASTICS EUROPE, and ECOFUNCO has been established and nurtured.

PRESERVE is also part of the Circular Plastics Helix, an international community of experts in plastics, recycling and circularity. Hosted by our consortium partner Crowdhelix on their open innovation platform, the Circular Plastics Helix forms the hub of a virtual community where interested participants are able to follow the project’s advancements, activities, and events, as well as share specific collaboration opportunities related to the topic. 
All communication activities in which the PRESERVE project was presented to this date to different audiences and on different channels are also listed in this deliverable.

The communication strategy and the following updates to the Communication Plan and Report will be enriched with further details or amended accordingly to the achievements of the project’s results.

This is a public deliverable. You can download it below.     


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