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Key messages

Crowdhelix supports the engagement and outreach activities between the PRESERVE Consortium and stakeholders. This is done through the Circular Plastic online community, with the objective of accelerating the impact of PRESERVE solutions and uptake by key target audiences using effective communication and dissemination strategies and activities.

Executive summary



The Circular Plastics Helix virtual cluster/community is being utilised to boost PRESERVE’s communication and dissemination strategy. The Helix is focused on disseminating the project’s advancements and results, and creating a self-sustainable research community around the recyclability of plastics. This report explains how the Helix was created and how it is being managed. It outlines a strategy that the Crowdhelix team has implemented in order to grow and maintain the community. It also includes annexes to help the partners get familiar with this part of PRESERVE’s dissemination activities and to offer additional context to those who are not yet familiar with the Crowdhelix platform. Further updates on the development of the Circular Plastics Helix will be included in the periodic management reports.



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