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Group picture of CE-BIOTEC-09 clustering meeting

PRESERVE joins forces with UPLIFT and upPE-T

On 13 May 2021 PRESERVE, UPLIFT and upPE-T met for the first time to define the most appropriate clustering activities around the topic of upcycling bio-plastics of food and drinks packaging. The three projects are, in facts, siblings projects funded under the topic CE-BIOTEC-09-2020(RIA) for the Horizon 2020 programme.

The clustering aim is to share knowledge and efforts to achieve the common objective of reducing plastics waste created by food packaging. One of the first milestones is organising a joint workshop, foreseen in October 2021, about circular economy, recycling and biodegradable packaging.

The three siblings projects will also share information about results achieved and set up a joint roadmap for dissemination and social humanities activities, and elaboration of a joint policy paper.

Members of each consortium will meet monthly to discuss and coordinate and manage the foreseen activities.

Discover more: 

UPLIFT    - Upcycling of PE and PET wastes to generate biodegradable bioplastics for food and drink packaging    
The overall idea of UPLIFT is to biologically depolymerise bio- and fossil-based plastic packaging waste and convert it into more renewable and easily upcyclable polymers, following a biorefinery approach. UPLIFT will address the entire plastic packaging value chain, from monomer production to packaging material manufacturing and back to end of life reusing and recycling options.


upPE-T    - sUstainable PLastIcs for the Food and drink packaging indusTry    

The upPE-T project will develop, through sustainable strategies, an alternative for plastic chemical degradation,  turning PE and PET waste streams via enzymatic degradation and bioprocesses into raw material to produce biodegradable bioplastics. Finally, together with customers and food and drink brand owners, bio-based end-packaging will be demonstrated and validated to ensure fast market deployment.



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