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Virtual selfie for Preserve kick off meeting

PRESERVE is here!

With its online kick-off meeting in January 2021, the PRESERVE project started a journey to make the bio-plastics industry more sustainable.

On the 27th and 28th of January 2021, 26 partners from 10 countries  virtually met for the kick off meeting of the PRESERVE H2020 project. 

Coordinated by IRIS (Spain), in the next 4 years PRESERVE will develop a set of innovative processes and materials such as coatings and adhesives, which will foster the circular use of bio-based packaging, contributing to boost the European competitiveness of the sector.

The project will enhance biomaterials to optimally preserve food and beverage products but also upcycle the resulting end of life materials to supply high added value personal care and transport packaging. At least 10 bioplastic and fibre-based packaging items fully based on renewable resources and with minimal environmental impact will be delivered in order to validate the results on a circular economy perspective. This ambitious objective will be made possible thanks to the collaboration of organizations from 9 European countries. Indeed, the consortium covers the whole supply & value chain and  brings together comprehensive interdisciplinary pockets of knowledge that will assess the performance of developed solutions and upscale them to introduce new viable circular bio-based packaging solutions into the market. 

Dr. Angel Fuentes, from the European Commission, joined the kick-off meeting. He underlined the importance of projects as PRESERVE to promote the collaboration and clustering of different stakeholders to reach the goals set by the European Commission in the European Green Deal. 

Preserve has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 952983.
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