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Answer our PRESERVE survey

Have your say! Answer our survey on sustainable packaging

Have your say and contribute to more sustainable packaging!

The PRESERVE Project seeks participation with the completion of a consumer perception survey. 

In Europe, 50 million tonnes of plastic are consumed annually, with almost half being used for various types of packaging. Currently, only around 32% of this plastic waste is recycled, while the rest is disposed of after a single use. 

The EU PRESERVE project aims to replace current packaging with bio-based alternatives that provide high product protection and can be upcycled, recycled, or composted after use. New packaging solutions made from renewable raw materials and subsequent upcycling applications for them aim to contribute to the circular economy of packaging by not only optimally protecting food and beverages, but also preserving our environment and its finite resources. Now we need your support to adjust the newly developed packagings to your needs and to design them in a consumer-oriented way. 

Please contribute to sustainable packaging development! The questionnaire takes approximately 12 minutes to complete. Please allow yourself enough time and minimise any potential distractions. 

We need your help!


The survey is available in German, English, Spanish, French, Italian, Dutch and Slovenian.


The Survey link can be found here.


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