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Workshop on e-beam treatment

"E-beam treatment for packaging materials", a PRESERVE workshop

Last 30 June 2022, PRESERVE partners NTT and ASU held the workshop "E-beam treatment for packaging materials". 

Devoted to PRESERVE consortium members, Research and Technology Development centres and industry end-users, this main aim of the workshop was to present recent and future challenges for E-Beam treatment in the framework of PRESERVE. A final session was dedicated to discussing research and development activities to overcome these challenges. 

Dr. Daniele Spinelli (Next Technology Tecnotessile) presented a technical overview of E-beam technology.

He then left the floor to representatives of the Albstadt-Sigmaringen University. Dr. Max Sturm deepened the topic of radiation treatment of biobased packaging materials, while Prof. Dr. David Drissner talked on E-beam sterilization for food producers. 

The workshop was then closed with a discussion on possible applications of e-beam technology at industrial level, especially taking into account bottlenecks and future possibilities of this technology. 



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