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Sustainable Bioplastics Asia

Many fast-moving consumer goods (FMCGs) producers and global brands have pledged to minimize their use of fossil-based plastics in favor of bio-based and biodegradable plastics alternatives. Demand is growing strong, spurring investment and expansion globally especially Asia. China, Korea and Japan are poised to become forerunners in Asia,  with millions invested in expanding local bio-based plastics production capabilities.
China wants to make bioplastics as big as it did solar panels. One company - China BBCA Group, began producing 50, 000 tons/yr PLA plant in Aug this year and with ambition to reach 700,000 tons/yr of PLA by 2023. South Korean chemical companies hasten shift to bioplastics investment with  CJ Cheiljedang Corp opened up a 5000 ton/yr PHA plant in Indonesia this year while SKC ties up with Japan's TBM plans to produce new eco-friendly material 'biodegradable LIMEX' and LG Chem’s 50,00 tons/yr PBAT plant will begin construction this year.

Centre for Management Technology
19 January 2022


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