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Upcoming event - Bioplastic Recycling: Challenges, Gaps, and Future Opportunities

Embrace the Future of Bioplastic Recycling with PRESERVE

The PRESERVE project is at the forefront of innovative development in bio-based food packaging. Through enhanced bio-coatings, we aim to improve recyclability while ensuring that these materials can be upcycled for various applications, including textiles and non-food uses. PRESERVE is dedicated to developing a range of packaging items that are 100% based on renewable resources, promoting minimal environmental impact and encouraging a circular economy.

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The speakers of the PRESERVE event

Why Join This Event?

Explore Industry Challenges and Opportunities

Recognising the need for proper recycling infrastructure, PRESERVE has created a forum where industry leaders, researchers, and policymakers can present contemporary challenges related to the transition to bioplastics and examine the gaps in recycling infrastructure.

Key Topics to Be Covered

  • Delamination of Multilayers for Recycling: Learn about the latest techniques and technologies in delaminating multilayer materials for efficient recycling.
  • Self- and Micro-Fibrillated Technologies: Discover the potential of using these advanced technologies for the mechanical reprocessing of (bio)polymers.
  • Roadmap to 2030 for Sustainable Bio-Packaging: Explore strategic plans and milestones for achieving sustainable bioplastic packaging by 2030.
  • Policy Gaps in Bioplastic Recycling and Upcycling: Discuss current policy shortcomings and opportunities for improvement.
  • Industry Challenges: Understand the hurdles industries face when transitioning to bio-based plastics.
  • Benefits of the Circular Plastic Helix: Learn how the Circular Plastic Helix on the Crowdhelix Platform can accelerate impact and foster future collaborations.

Join the Circular Plastic Helix Community

If you are interested in more collaboration opportunities in the Circular Plastic field, join our Circular Plastic Helix, which comprises 704 experts from 257 organisations across 47 countries. This community is dedicated to advancing the recycling and upcycling of bioplastics, promoting sustainability, and driving innovation.

Event Benefits

  • Environmental Advantages: Explore the environmental benefits of bio-based packaging and learn about our goal to replace 60% of fossil plastic food and drink packaging by 2030.
  • Industry Insights: Gain insights from industry leaders on the latest advancements in bioplastics, their recyclability, and the policy implications shaping their transition.
  • Active Engagement: Engage in discussions aimed at identifying gaps that hinder the transition to sustainable bio-based packaging.
  • Policy Impact: The outcomes of this event will be shared with EU decision-makers and institutions to influence future policies on biobased packaging recycling and upcycling.

Make an Impact

Your participation can contribute significantly to the advancement of sustainable packaging solutions. The insights and feedback gathered during the event will help shape future policies and drive the bioplastic industry forward. For more information about the PRESERVE project and its advancements, please visit: PRESERVE Project

Don’t miss this opportunity to be a part of the change. Join us on 25 June 2024 and help shape the future of bioplastic recycling!


Agenda of the event

11:00  Welcome address
Pieter van Gool, Business Development Manager, SÜDPACK MEDICA, PRESERVE Project

11:05  Introduction to Preserve
Dr. Kristina Eißenberger, Research Group Leader, PRESERVE Project Scientific and Technical Coordinator, ASU

11:15  Advancement and results of PRESERVE H2020 Delamination of Multilayers for Recycling
Dott. Nicolò Fortunati, R&D Engineer, Planet Bioplastics

Potential of using self- and micro-fibrillated technologies for mechanical reprocessing of (bio)polymers
Robbe DE BISSCHOP, Researcher "Plastic Characterisation, Processing & Recycling", Centexbel

11:35  Sustainable, Circular Bio-based Packaging - Roadmap to 2030
Estela López-Hermoso, EU Project Manager, European Bioplastics

11:50  Policy gaps in bioplastic recycling and Upcycling EU-Commission representative from the  “Circular Economy, Sustainable Production and Consumption” department - TBC

12:05  Transitioning to biobased plastics: Understanding industry challenges.
Barbara Chaplain, Senior Sustainability Manager, Cimpress, PRESERVE H2020 External Advisory Board Member

12:20  Crowdhelix Platform, Circular Plastic Helix for Impact Acceleration and Future Collaboration
Paul Mckenna, Head of Membership Operations, Crowdhelix

12:30  Closing remarks & summary
Pieter van Gool, Business Development Manager, SÜDPACK MEDICA, PRESERVE Project



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